Conky Gemini

Conky Gemini

Conky Gemini is a Rainmeter skin set for displaying system information.

Project Source

EccTM /Conky Gemini


Conky running on my Arch Linux netbook

I previously used brndnmtthws /Conky on an Arch Linux netbook, and really missed having all my system info available at a glance when I swapped over to my Windows 10 desktop. While looking for Windows alternatives to Conky, I discovered a Rainmeter, and a skin set I really liked the style of called Gemini Suite, created by TruCola.

I started tweaking TruCola’s Gemini Suite skin to include in the Conky-style icons and graphs that I liked, and that spawned the card-based Conky-Gemini as it is now.

Skins Available

  • Weather Info (3x variants)
  • System Info
  • System Usage Info
  • System Storage Info
  • CPU Info
  • Network Info
  • Media Player
  • Shortcut Bar, with subcards for:
    • Games
    • Internet Links
    • Applications