Moths: An impressive test post

Moths are a paraphyletic group of insects that includes all members of the order Lepidoptera that are not butterflies, with moths making up the vast majority of the order. There are thought to be approximately 160,000 species of moth,1 many of which have yet to be described. Most species of moth are nocturnal, but there are also crepuscular and diurnal species.

Ugly Moths are not Lovely Butterflies

Although the rules for distinguishing moths from butterflies are not well established, one very good guiding principle is that butterflies have thin antennae and (with the exception of the family Hedylidae) have small balls or clubs at the end of their antennae. Moth antennae are usually feathery with no ball on the end.

Moths are fucking hideous!

Albert Einstein

This is a Caterpillar

Poplar hawk-moth caterpillar

I’m going to place a paragraph of nonsense here to see if it aligns around the image, or just plops itself below the image all silly looking. Only real way to find out, you see? Trying something is the first step towards knowing how sucky you are at something.